Welcome to Bent Limb Farm LLC.

Nestled in a beautiful valley, we have a variety of livestock with over 45 alpacas, myotonic (fainting) goats, heritage pigs, chickens and rabbits. Our goal of sustainable farming involves learning the strengths of each species of animal and having the animals work with us toward better health of the farm and the pastures.

Our meats include pork, poultry, lamb and goat. Healthy animals, raised humanely provide the healthiest and cleanest meat. You can be assured that the meat is nutritionally dense AND has incredible flavor. In the arena of a mostly plant-based diet, we feel that the meat that you do eat should be the best available and are proud to offer this to you.

The alpacas and angora rabbits do their part by providing exquisite fiber for roving, yarns and finished goods. The items in our store can offer you unique gift ideas for your family and friends.