Help! The freezer is full!!

Just received the USDA-inspected pork from the butcher on Friday. We’ve already had some and it meets our high standards. Good meat:fat ratio and FLAVOR; this is not the other white meat!

Here’s the list of what’s available now–the bacon and ham will take another couple of weeks before it’s ready:

Pork roasts $7.50/pound

Pork chops $7.75/pound   These are thick cut and 4 to a pack

Spare Ribs $6.50/pound

Country Style ribs $7.25/pound

Ground pork $4.50/pound  This is great to mix with other ground meats for the best hamburgers ever! We usually mix it 2:1 with 2 pounds of the other meat(s) to 1 pound of pork

Hot Italian sausage $5.50/pound

Sweet apple sausage $5.50/pound

Please stop by and help empty out the freezer. Our farm is open Thursdays from 4-8 and Sundays from 12-4. Hope to see you soon.