Winter has arrived!!

We are all buttoned down for the past several days since the wind has been bitter. The rabbits with new babies are in heated areas and doing well. All of the other animals have extra straw and protection from the wind.

It’s funny to see four goats and Boris (our boar) all come out of the same shelter at feeding time. It must be nice and toasty in there because Boris always comes out last–he wants to make sure that I’m there with the food (and extra hot water!)

As usual, the animals tolerate this weather better than we do. I’m looking forward to having it snow later this week. If it’s going to be cold, it should be beautiful.

Winter Hours

The drop in temperature lets us know that Winter has finally arrived. As long as the driveway is passable, we will continue to be open to visitors including the store.

Craft night is Wednesday from 4:30 to 8 pm. NOT limited to fiber crafts–painting, quilting, coloring, and just visiting are ALL welcome. We always have a great time with great conversation.

Weekend store hours are: Sat & Sun Noon – 4pm.

Once Mother Nature starts throwing the white stuff at us, please call before coming to make sure it’s possible to get down to the barn.