Alpaca Sales

Are you looking for healthy animals that can bring joy to your life? And can give you wonderful, luxurious fiber to boot? Alpacas may be just what you’ve been seeking.  Alpacas require basic care–water, hay, toenail trimming and yearly shearing. The cost is close to that of a large dog each year. Fencing is required and a shelter from the wind–we use three sided sheds. An acre of pasture can sustain 3-5 alpacas easily.

Alpacas tend to use a communal dung pile making manure management easier. Cleaning the pile frequently decreases the risk of parasite infection in the animals.

We have many animals that are available. Many different ages and multiple colors. There are fiber animals and breeding quality animals. We also have bred females available to get your herd off to a good start. We are proud to be breeding quality fiber animals for the future.

While we don’t claim to be experts in all aspects of alpaca husbandry, our experiences have been varied and we are more than willing to share. We look forward to supporting you in your exciting new alpaca adventure.

If you are interested, please email