Angora Rabbit Sales

Before choosing an angora rabbit to take home, we suggest that you figure out how much time you want to (and realistically can) spend grooming your bunny. Basic rabbit care of keeping the crate clean and trimming toenails is the same for any rabbit. What’s different is caring for the fiber. Some of our bunnies need grooming only once/month and others do better with weekly attention. The bunny needs to have matted areas removed and their bottom fiber removed to keep it dry. These two grooming steps will keep their skin healthy.

These descriptions are mine from observations and reading books and articles over the years.

I have no experience with English angora bunnies. My reading has indicated that these bunnies have incredible fiber but fewer guard hairs so they need more grooming and need at least weekly mandatory brushing/combing. Because of this, I have chosen not to own any of these in spite of seeing bunnies at shows that have fiber that is to die for.

French angoras tend to be easy keepers because of the stronger guard hairs. They have less matting but still need the attention of regular grooming to stay happy and healthy. These bunnies shed their fiber every 3 months or so and it can be removed by plucking, brushing or shearing.

Satin angoras also are easy keepers. Their claim to fame is luster and shine. They have less volume of fiber for each shedding which is why I am crossing them with my giant bucks. So far I have been lucky enough to get bunnies with beautiful satiny fiber with at least 8 ounces of prime every 3-4 months. I also have been getting some gorgeous colors–an extra bonus.

Giant and German angoras are larger than the other breeds of these bunnies. The amount of guard hair varies but I find them to be easy to care for and they reward this care with large volumes of fiber every 3-4 months.

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