Angora Rabbits

Angora rabbits are a wonderful addition to any fiber farm. They take up little space and are generally easy to handle. The fiber is the warmest, softest and most luxurious on our farm. Of the five angora breeds (English, French, Satin, Giant and German), we own three–French, Satin and Giant plus crosses of these. Our breeding program focuses on fine fiber maximizing the volume for each shearing.  The French and Satin breeds shed their fiber every 3-4 month but the Giant angoras require shearing. We use cordless, rechargeable clippers that have a special fine blade that works well with the fineness of the angora fiber. The bunnies are used to regular grooming that is done to keep them healthy so shearing is just part of the routine.

Because angora fiber is so warm and can be fly-away, we often blend it with other natural fibers such as fine wool or alpaca. The yarns created are scrumptious and cuddly. Garments made with angora yarn and angora yarn blends are sure to become favorites especially for special occassions.