We’ve survived the Blizzard of 2017

Beauty on a snowy day.

The weatherman got it right this time. We spent most of Monday getting ready for the storm–extra feed, lots of straw everywhere, hay in all of the shelters and one of the large bales moved into the barn. All of the water heaters and both generators were tested and a gasoline run to fill all of the cans was made.

Tuesday, we woke up to a winter wonderland and it continued to snow until mid afternoon. Paul had a great time plowing–something about boys and their toys! We both got our exercise yesterday stomping through the snow to make paths for the animals–especially for the pigs. Their shorter legs put them at a bit of a disadvantage but all have done well.

The goat kids snuggled up with their moms deep in the straw and didn’t see the big deal we were making! I’m glad that Gina held off–she’s the last doe to kid yet this spring.

We’re grateful that the electricity stayed on for us and praying that those that lost electricity soon have it restored.

Hoping that Mother Nature has gotten this out of her system and that we’ll have a perfect day on April 15th for our shearing. Hope to see you then.