Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fiber Arts–Day 19

This is a woven dishtowel for Rachel’s partner, Patrick, who is coming to visit tomorrow. 8/4 cotton is both the warp and the weft and it’s set @ 12.5 ends per inch. The hem stitch at the beginning and end of the weaving allowed me to wash and dry the towel before hemming. Made it a lot easier that the times before since the fabric was much tighter than when it comes off of the loom. It will also continue to get tighter as he uses it and then washes and dries it.

The warp has been on the loom for several months and I’ve had to learn a lesson yet again. I didn’t write down the length of the warp anywhere so had to unwind it to measure. This lead to tension problems in the warp that kept shifting as I moved the warp forward. ARGGGGG! This fits under one of my grandmother’s favorite expressions “We are too soon old and too late smart.” How true.

Back to knitting for tomorrow.

Paper with the pattern for the changes in the weaving
Hem stitch securing weaving at the beginning of the towel
Finished towel
Towel before washing
After washing