Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fiber Arts–Day 38

Today’s a first for me. Finally got up the nerve to spin 100% angora bunny fiber. I sheared 2 of my black French angora rabbits (don’t worry they’re being kept warm until they regrow enough fiber again) and then carded it. I used a short draft and learned that more time will need to be spent on fiber preparation.

The skein looks very similar to my very first skein of wool–thick and thin with different spinning angles but I’m rather pleased with the result. The lighter photo is before washing and the darker is immediately after washing. This is a small one ounce, approximately 50 yard skein so it will need to be an accent yarn in a project–maybe for the design in a Fair Isle pattern.

I have more of this raw fiber and now cannot wait to work with it some more. Several of my bunnies are ready for shearing when I get moving again so I hope to have time to get better spinning this wonderful fiber.

Immediately after plying
Washed skein (it will dry lighter)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fiber Arts–Day 9

Welcome back! Spinning is the craft of choice today. Fortunately I’ve practiced using my left foot to treadle the spinning wheel so was able to make some yarn. I have friends that are amazing spinners and their yarn is uniform and professional. My yarns are much looser. While my goal is to make uniform singles, but if it doesn’t work out I’m still okay with it. The thing that I’m much more concerned about is ending up with a beautiful, balanced yarn that can be worked into a usable item.

The first bobbin is our alpaca blended with a commercially dyed merino wool. The second bobbin is 100% brown alpaca. I love the yarn that results from the plying of the two. Tomorrow I’ll make it into a skein and wash it to set the twist.

Hope that you’re staying warm and enjoying your weekend. More tomorrow!