Here at Bent Limb Farm we have two types of chickens. The layers travel around the farm in a mobile coop. They sterilize the manure of the alpacas and goats, eating bugs and parasites. In addition to keeping the pastures cleaner, they lay the most delicious eggs. The whites are thick and don’t run when you put them into the skillet. The yolks vary from bright yellow to deep orange and have incredible flavor. The most recent group of new chicks are out in their new mobile coop. They will begin their laying careers in a few months. If you are interested in beginning a layer flock, these chickens are available for $15 each and you can choose the birds that you want. Please contact us!

bent limb farm


We are lucky enough to live near a hatchery for Freedom Ranger broilers. The day-old chicks go from the hatchery directly into our car for the short ride home and then into the brooder. After about three weeks, they are feathered well and move into their mobile chicken tractors. Every day they move to clean ground. This is a great foraging breed and they get plenty of exercise and fresh grass. At about nine weeks they are processed and become the best roasting birds–meaty and juicy.

Pam will soon be ordering her day old chicks. If you are interested, contact her at