Heritage Pig

Our heritage pigs are Gloucester Old Spots and Large Black and crosses of these. Last year we added Thelma & Louise who are Yorkshire/Hampshire sows.
Currently we have 5 breeding sows–2 Gloucester Old Spots (Cagney & Lacey), 1 Large Black (Precious is her name) and Thelma & Louise. Our boars are Old Spot and Large Black crosses.
Our pigs are outside from farrow to finish. They get only Non-GMO feed, fruits and vegetables. They also graze on the grass and root in the woods and pastures. It’s great to see piglets running through the fields playing and the pigs lounging in the woods for shade.
We strive to give the pigs a stress-free life and humane handling.
The pigs love visitors (especially if you bring along some food!!) so come see us.