Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fiber Arts–Day 26

Fun baby hat

This is a wonderful yarn for a gender neutral infant hat. It’s a wool blend that’s easy care for the parents of a new baby. Red is such a fun color for a baby and this one has flecks of blue and yellow that make it even more festive.

One of the interesting things about this multi-day journey is discovering how much I still love knitting after learning 50 years ago. Although I also enjoy spinning, weaving, dyeing, and crocheting among other crafts, somehow knitting is the constant and the creative activity I always return to.

I keep telling myself that I don’t need any more knitting books or magazines. That lasts until the next time I’m on Amazon or in a bookstore because of another new technique or cool pattern. There’s always more to discover about this craft and even the beginning classes and books often give up a pearl of wisdom. Look at the number of people that have continued to be active in knitting for their entire lifetime. I expect that, while not famous, I will be one of those as long as I can continue knitting.

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow.

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