Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fiber Arts–Day 30

You’ve seen these fingerless gloves a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been in the kitchen since being finished and looking very plain.

i’ve been paging through Anna Zilboorg’s book splendid apparel and tried my hand at some freeform embroidery to dress these up a bit. Simple, but I like the result.

We’re going to step back into my previous life and look at why fingerless gloves can keep your fingers warm.

This diagram from Wikipedia shows the arterial blood supply to the hand. The two main arteries, the ulnar and the radial, form arches in the palm with branches to all of the fingers and the thumb. By protecting these from the cold, warm blood leaves the palm and goes to the fingers working similarly to a radiator in a house. In really cold weather, your fingers are still going to get cold but in moderate cold, most people’s fingers will stay warm enough to be comfortable and they can use their fingers easier than if they had on full gloves. Pretty cool, huh?

Vascular Anatomy Of The Hand Bone Anatomy Of The Hand Human Anatomy Diagram – Human Anatomy Library

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