Energy Mat Small Size


Multicolored Energy mat woven from our fiber.

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Made in the USA from our alpacas’ fiber that is soft yet strong enough to take heavy use, these energy mats are great for seat covers in the home or car. No more sticking to the car seat in the summer and the seat will feel less cold in the winter.

Pets love these and often these mats become the favorite resting place in the house. Our dogs each have their own in the living room and another where they sleep. If we vacuum and forget to put them down, the dogs will stand looking at them until they are on the floor! A pretty good endorsement from our 3 pets.

The mats are approximately 15 inches by 17 inches although some are slightly larger. Care is simple: vacuum with the beater off and spot clean as needed.

The construction is alpaca fiber wrapped around a jute core. This bulky yarn is then handwoven onto a cotton warp. The beater is hydrolic so the yarn is tightly packed. This increases the durability of the mats and you can expect them to last for years with normal use.

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