Hand Woven Alpaca Rug 24″ x 36″


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Impress your friends and family with your sense of style by displaying this beautiful alpaca rug in your home. Combining simple design with both softness and durability offers you years of enjoyment.

All 45 of our alpacas contribute fiber to our rugs that are 100% made in America. Alpaca fiber is a truly renewable resource; each spring they are shorn to get them ready for the heat of the summer and they grow a new fleece for warmth in the winter. You benefit from the natural properties of alpaca fleece—hypoallergenic, water resistant, and the 22 naturally occurring colors won’t fade.

This rugs is easy to care for. Just routinely vacuum with the smooth attachment of your machine. Rarely will you need to hose it down outside or have your carpet cleaner wash it for you.

This rug is a unique, one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. Buy it today to show your friends at your next get-together. They will be wowed.

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