Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Fiber Arts–Day 3

Glad to see you back again. This scarf was woven with 100% alpaca yarn on my Cricket rigid heddle loom–a very portable loom and the reason that our farm store has¬†Schacht products. The loom comes with an 8 dent reed but has 5, 10, 12 and a variable reeds available giving an almost unlimited number of options for yarns to use for the warp. The Cricket also comes in both a 10 inch and 15 inch model depending upon what width of projects are planned. It’s truly a great loom for people with a stash of yarns and/or an unlimited well of creativity.

A rigid heddle loom can be direct warped (the long strings can be put through the slots in the heddle on the loom) in less than an hour and you can begin weaving–a definite plus. While most of us start with plain weaving, a rigid heddle loom is not limited. Lace, color patterns and different textures are all possible providing years of creative exploration.

This is the loom that I take with me to farmers’ markets and festivals especially when the weather is too hot to hold onto yarn or roving. I’ve held several classes at the studio where the looms are pre-warped and the students have a great time diving directly into weaving and they get to leave with a finished placemat in cotton yarn. Since it’s too soon to know¬†what Mother Nature will send our way this winter, the next class won’t be until early spring–it will go onto the website as soon as I feel confident that we can set a date.

Thanks for spending time with me while I’ve got my foot elevated and on ice. See you tomorrow.

Spinning Classes with Linda Bauer come to the farm

We are very excited to have Linda Bauer from Bauer Family Farms teaching spinning, both drop spindle and at the wheel here at the farm. She is a masterful spinnner and works hard at her craft. Spinning daily has helped her develop techniques to produce exquisite yarns. She has used some of our hand-dyed rovings and created incredible yarn that exceeds the beauty of the roving!!

From drop spindle spinning to using a wheel, she is a great teacher of both technique and artistry. The drop spindle and beginning wheel spinning classes are on July 10th and the Intermediate class for Color Manipulation in Spinning is on
July 24th. More details are available in the Events section of our website.

If you have wanted to try spinning, we hope to see you in July.