Think Local during Social Distancing

With all of the (very appropriate) restrictions during this pandemic, supporting local farmers and businesses is extremely important.

Food remains a necessity. Restaurants that have delivery or curb-side pickup are a good option. Still avoid close contact including paying on-line if possible. This decreases your exposure while supporting a local business that is struggling.

Looking to farmers in your area for food also helps support their farm. Planting is starting and animals still need to be fed.

We have pork, chicken and lamb available frozen and we also have some fresh eggs. With a phone call or email, I can don my mask and gloves to get your order together. We can arrange payment and you can then pickup your food without needing to come in contact with me. We are being extra careful to avoid contact since Paul works at the hospital and cannot effectively do social distancing.

Also during this time, I have reduced all of our regular prices by 15% realizing that many people are unable to work.

Please use your creativity to support your community. Working together, hopefully we’ll be able to look back on this stressful time and say that all of the restrictions worked here in the USA.